Archipelago Highway

Here, it is anticipated generosity

When uproar turbulent chaos

Rhyme indoor not definite

Said mutual reply in times of joy

When grief would not be crashing lunge

Just a big smile imprinted strand

Wiping the lips of Adam and Eve

This is, this is a rare phenomenon that is billed

To continue for sitting looming festive

Between all nooks and crannies of the state

For beloved homeland

For me

For your

For our

For them

The sons and daughters of Indonesia


Enter into the nerves in the brain


Store in the deepest recesses of the heart


What is outspreading and serving

Next to the East?

Savory food fragrant culinary nationally is tempting


Successive catwalk in music very formations


Laid out unusual signs, a sign of the culture of Indonesia so beautiful


Serving chirpy vocals of clatter

Too serene in the sense of hearing

Now the party lively not blocked

Parallel to the spirit patriotism

Enliven luck with relatives

One merges with colleagues friends

Pour all the contents of the oath three youths

There spilled homeland Indonesia

There is one nation

There is a language of unity

From Sabang to Merauke

In the archipelago party feast

Immeasurably in throb of heart

Places to wail and rumbling

All share a proper share

For archipelago highway, a party for the people of Indonesia

Ah … hope was quickly passed

Allow a moment of silence

Just for today

Just for hours-minutes-seconds are

Yes, forget the separation closer look

Because too disturbed tears and melancholy heart

Too sore to perceived

It is very difficult to pass

Once the weight to be reached

By : Sri Siska Wirdaniyati – Khaipurple

NB –> If you want to read in version Indonesian, please click in KLIK DI SINI!


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