CIPTA PUISI NASIONAL: HIJRAH KE JALAN-MU Bersama Nahima Indie Press [DL: 11 April 2016]

[DL 11 APRIL 2016] Cipta puisi nasional hijrah ke jalan-Mu Nahima Press

Assalamualaikum Nahimania, Nahima Indie Press yang berada di bawah naungan Penerbit Mayor Nahima Pressindo kini mengadakan event perkenalan berupa Cipta Puisi Nasional (CIPNAS). Tema event puisi perdana ini mengusung perubahan alias ‘hijrah’. Nahimania dipersilakan mengeksplore daya imajinasi yang tertuang dalam sebuah puisi secara bebas mengenai tema ‘hijarah’. Syarat dan ketentuannya ada di bawah ini. Simak dan baca baik-baik ketentuannya. Karena kami tak segan-segan mendiskualifikasi naskah yang tidak memenuhi syarat dan ketentuan. Sesuai dengan semangat awal kami mendirikan lini indie ini sebagai wadah penulis pemula menempah kemampuan menulisnya.

1. Penulis adalah anggota group Nulis Bareng Nahima Press
2. Penulis menge-like Fans Page resmi Nahima Pressindo
3. Penulis diharapkan memfollow instagram @nahimapress (tidak wajib/dianjurkan)
4. Membuat Pengumuman ini di catatan facebooknya masing-masing dengan menandai 20 orang atau memposting pengumuman ini di blog
5. Diutamakan berteman dengan Nahima Press
6. Peserta hanya diperkenankan mengirim 1 (satu) naskah saja.

1. Tulisan berjenis Puisi belum pernah dipublikasikan dan atau sedang diikutkan lomba sejenis
2. Panjang tulisan maksimal 20 bait
3. Ukuran kertas A4, Margin 2.5 cm semua sisi (top, bottom, left dan right)
4. Font: Time News Roman 12 pt, judul 14 pt. Spasi 1.5
5. Sertakan biodata narasi maksimal 80 kata
6. Nama File dan Judul email: HIJRAH_JUDUL_NAMA PENULIS
7. Kirim ke

11 April 2016: Deadline Pengiriman Naskah pukul 23.59 WIB
12 April 2016: Rekapan Semua Naskah yang Masuk (Update terakhir peserta)
13 April 2016: Posting Naskah di Blog (akan dicari Juara Favorit)
20 April 2016: Pengumuman Pemenang
20-30 April 2015: Editing dan Layout Buku

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Kontributor: E-Sertifikat + Naskah akan diterbitkan dalam buku antalogi puisi

*Juara 1,2 dan 3 serta kontributor terpilih ditentukan oleh tim juri kami yang kompeten. Hasil penjurian tidak bisa diganggu gugat
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Nahima Indie Press


Author: Sri Siska Wirdaniyati

Anthology: Story Cake for Ramadhan


It has been seven days I and my family implement fasting of Ramadhan and enjoy it with happiness. This happiness is increasing when I win reading contest of short verses of Al-Quran. Gifts of money and certificates have been on my hand. With a cheerful heart, I go home with the flow path is filled with twinkling stars.

The bookshop is my main goal today. I have imagined that I will read a book with the money from my efforts. While down the road, I see in all directions. Many kids with my age buy food at the roadside. There are those who simply enjoy the beautiful moon to welcome this special month. Suddenly, my eyes focus on a little girl who is sitting with holding her stomach. Her face and clothes makes me pity and apprehensive. Occasionally, she was seen grimacing in pain and looked toward the food vendors.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?” I asked friendly. She doesn’t answer it. Her face is downcast and her body falls limp. Noise from her stomach is audible clearly by my ears. “Where is your mom? You have eaten?” I said again.

She shook her head slowly. Her eyes hinted suffering. Her restless face makes me not have the heart to leave her. Slowly, I stand up and grope my shirt pocket. There is only my envelope from is gift of money there.

“This is for you, and you go to the food stalls and buy some food. Eat until your stomach is full,” I said with smiling.

She takes the envelope. There is a sense of happiness that look off her face. She kisses my hand and walks off. No remorse at my heart although I don’t buy the book I want.

The clock shows 7 pm. I and my brother are watching TV now. Suddenly, we heard a door open and greeting Assalamualaikum. We go soon to the door and greet the leader of my family.

“Dad,” I shouted.

Dad smiled and stretched his arms. In an instant, I and my brother have been in his hug. The feeling of missing has been remedied. His job outside of the city has reduced his time with family.

“Earlier, your mom called me and she said that you won the third champion on reading contest of short verses of Al-Quran,” Dad asked.

I smile shyly. Finally I can make proud my dad with my own struggle. Dad has given a lot happiness for me, but I’m yet to giving happiness for him and my family.

“Therefore I have prepared a gift for you,” Dad said while he pulled something from his briefcase.

A rectangular-shape gift in red wrapping and display dolls have been in my hand. Slowly, I open the special gift. Two of my favorite book expose clearly in both my hands. It’s been a long time, I want this book and now I have it. My mind went back the event that lasted just two hours ago. My desire bought the book but I didn’t do because I prefer to give my money for the little girl on the roadside. Apparently, The God gives rewards very large and doubles. Tonight is very special because I have gotten lessons and raised the truth that Allah will gives reward comparable to people who do good, especially in this holy month.

“Thanks Dad,” I said and hug him.


NB: Cerpen Berbahasa Inggris (Short story in English)